Portfolio composition



We use the analysis of your risk profile, time horizon, circumstances, goals and objectives to construct a customised investment portfolio for you, our client.   The portfolios use a structured-passive investing approach (or asset class investing) which means they are constructed to reliably target returns in specific asset classes- groups of securities that share common risk and return characteristics.  There is no forecasting of market or economic conditions involved and no attempt is made to pick individual stocks.


Wholesale funds

We recommend wholesale managed funds that are generally not available to the public.

Wholesale managed funds allow us to obtain diversification that would otherwise not be achieved through investing in equity and fixed interest securities directly.  As they are large in scale and do not deal with the public, their management fees are considerably lower than retail managed funds.  Costs are also lower because the funds are passive in nature, meaning less investment analysts and infrequent training.



Independent custodian

Administration and management of client portfolios is completed by Stewart Group's specialised support team using software provided by Aegis, an independent third party custodian.



Portfolios are reviewed and rebalanced at least on a six-monthly basis to ensure they continue to meet strategic benchmarks and remain in line with your risk tolerance and longer term objective.