Booster KiwiSaver Scheme

The Booster KiwiSaver Scheme is a registered KiwiSaver scheme under the Financial Markets Conduct Act 2013, designed to help members save for their retirement. It also accepts transfers from Australian complying superannuation schemes.

The Booster KiwiSaver Scheme offers a range of 16 funds to choose from. Each investment fund has a different investment objective and strategy, and include amongst others, a capital guaranteed fund, two socially responsible investment funds and three Asset Class Funds – the Asset Class Conservative fund, the Asset Class Balanced fund and the Asset Class Growth fund.

See the Booster KiwiSaver Scheme Product Disclosure Statements for more information about all the funds available.

While there are 16 funds available in the Booster KiwiSaver Scheme, we recommend that you invest in the Asset Class Funds.

Product Disclosure Statement

Fund Features

New Zealand owned and operated, Booster Investment Management Limited, is the KiwiSaver scheme provider and manager.

Booster manages the savings of over 100,000 KiwiSaver members with over $1 billion funds under management.  It is also one of nine Government default KiwiSaver scheme providers.


Stewart Group Asset Management is the Asset Consultant of the Asset Class Funds.  All funds, the Asset Class Growth Fund, Asset Class Balanced Fund, and Asset Class Conservative Fund mirror parent company, Stewart Group’s, investment philosophy which is applied to wealth portfolios.


The Asset Class Funds are broadly diversified portfolios that are primarily invested in DFA Australia Limited (DFA) funds.  They seek to add value through low cost implementation and portfolio construction.

Presently there are few options for investors seeking passive KiwiSaver scheme funds.  These funds have no performance fees, allow you to blend your investment across both funds, and are based on sound academic research principles.

A Disclosure Statement is available from your adviser, on request and free of charge.

Booster Investment Management Limited (Booster) is the issuer and manager of the Scheme.  Public Trust is the supervisor of the Scheme.  The relevant Product Disclosure Statements for the Booster KiwiSaver Scheme are available from your adviser or by calling Booster on 0800 336 338.

None of Booster Investment Management Limited, Public Trust, or any director, board member or nominee, or any related company or party of any of those entities, or any other person guarantees the Scheme’s performance, returns or repayment of capital.