Insurance principles

Our insurance philosophy is based on a critical understanding of your insurance needs and evaluation of suitable policies based on quality and price to suit your individual circumstances.

We have access to New Zealand’s largest insurers and have no allegiance to any particular product provider.

We use the services of independent analysts to provide you with quality rated policies that are commensurate with your needs. Through the sophisticated software provided by these firms, we can evaluate any policy from New Zealand insurance companies to obtain an independent review.

Cost vs Quality

The graph provides a transparent comparison evaluation between the cost and quality of insurance. The vertical axis shows the monthly premium and the horizontal axis shows the quality assessment of the individual policy provider (based on independent software that we subscribe to). The highest percent rating is the desired objective but may not be suitable due to price.


Calculations are based on a case study for a 45 year old male, with $500K Life cover and $100K Trauma cover
(as at 30 June 2016).